Kent & Co. Wines: an Approachable and Unique Wine Bar in Fort Worth

Kent & Co. Wines: an Approachable and Unique Wine Bar in Fort Worth

With over 256 wines by the glass, the knowledgeable staff at Kent & Co. Wines are sure to find you a wine you’ll love.

There are many kinds of wine bars out there, some are pretentious, some you ask why they bothered, and then you have Kent & Co. Wines in Fort Worth.  It is elegantly comfortable with an approachable and extensive list of both wine and beer.

Kent & Co. Wines has a rustic décor comprising brick and wooden walls, floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for ample sunlight, and a car lift conveniently located inside with a car on top. Where else can you drink a $4,500 bottle of wine...under a car lift?

Located in the Magnolia neighborhood, this unique wine bar is known for their amazing wine list. With bottles ranging in price from $17 to $4,500 and almost every wine region in the world represented, Kent & Co. has a list most five-star restaurants would envy. They also offer a beer list, although small in comparison to their wine list, still holds its own with their local draft selection and a bottle and bomber wall from around the country.

With so many great wines you can bet their wine staff is extremely knowledgeable as well. With three sommeliers on staff, there is always one on duty and their servers are regularly educated and tested to make sure you have a great experience. If you always drink, say, Rombauer chardonnay, the epitome of oaky California chardonnays, they can guide you to another wine of similar style that you might like just as much, if not better. With over 256 wines by the glass, they’re sure to find you a wine you’ll love.  

Wines by the glass run from $8 for a local wine to $125 for a 2004 Chateau Margaux Bordeaux.  Yes, you read that correctly, they offer a Chateau Margaux by the glass. Because of the wines they offer, Kent & Co. has the ability and opportunity to get highly allocated wines like the DB4 from the Bryant Family winery.  You can get a two ounce tasting for $25, which is a treat because for wines that are that highly allocated, you aren’t likely to find this wine by the glass or in retail. They were also able to acquire three bottles of an 1863 Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port; they sold all three at $3,500 a pop.

Speaking of retail, as most people know, restaurants and bars wines typically mark up anywhere from three to four times the wholesale price. Not at Kent & Co Wines. The price of the wine at the bar is the same price as retail. Teill Classen, assistant general manager, said, “we want to make wine available to our customers.” That, they have accomplished.

Since they desire to be a neighborhood stop, they allow you to bring food in from other restaurants. What a great experience it is to pair your favorite food with some of the country’s and world’s best wines, by the glass nonetheless.

Kent & Co. Wines offers what any wine lover wants: selection, fair pricing, and a knowledgeable staff. 

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