Detroit's SLOWS BBQ: Southern Cooking without the Journey Down South

From fall apart brisket to Zingerman’s cornbread, this Detroit favorite may just be the best barbecue you’ve ever had


A house-favorite is the slow cooked brisket, which is juicy, tender, and to-die-for.

You know that feeling when you walk into a really good restaurant? Everyone from the workers to the patrons are genuinely happy. I guess you could call it a good vibe. Something comes over you, like woah, this is about to be a really good meal. That’s the feeling you get walking into SLOWS Bar B-Q.

Other than the savory, slow smoked array of top-notch, vegetarian fed meats; there are craft cocktails, a banging patio, extensive beer list and 12 epic sides to choose from.

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Meat eaters and vegetarians alike can get down with all sorts of meat, vegetable, and side dishes. Plates from your typical pulled pork and brisket, which I may add are insanely delicious, to TVP (texturized vegetable protein) meat substitute, to side dishes like mac n’ cheese, pit smoked pork and beans, black eyed peas and Mom’s green beans. I must explicitly state that Slows Bar B-Q is barbecue done right, possibly even righter than right.

The brisket is so tender it falls a part with a fork so you have to go after it with your fingers, which is totally encouraged in the über welcoming environment SLOWS creates. The pulled pork melts in your mouth and is good with any or all of their six homemade sauces.

If you like a good ole fashioned Bar B-Q joint that has some of the best meat you’ve eaten anywhere, not just inside of the city of Detroit, run, don’t walk to SLOWS.

SLOWS is located in the heart of Corktown and is open from 11 a.m. - at least 10 p.m. everyday of the week.

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2138 Michigan Ave (at 14th St)
Detroit, MI 48216
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