A Denver Mexican Favorite Celebrates Grand Reopening

La Loma has reopened in a new location but with the same great menu

Thank goodness the best Mexican restaurant in Denver has reopened.

My husband travels often for work. And, because of how frequently he’s gone, we’ve developed a food-focused routine when he returns: The first item of business is eating breakfast at the Original Pancake House followed by getting his fill of Mexican food for dinner. Finding good Mexican food when traveling the world is not an easy thing to do. In addition to devouring chips and salsa, chile rellenos, and refried beans, rice and green chile, my husband really loves his tequila. He drinks the spirit in its most primal form, meaning he likes it shaken well with ice, a touch of Rose's or other lime juice, and then strained into a chilled martini glass. Tequila is also not always easily found when circling the globe.

Denver has its share of Mexican restaurants but not many good ones. Still, we find ourselves craving the cuisine and then having to figure out where to go when even the not-so-good ones are packed. Recently I was invited to a grand reopening of a long-time favorite that was somewhat difficult to visit in the past because to its location. The new space, however, is much more accessible.

La Loma has been a staple in Denver's restaurant scene for 40 years and features all my favorites. Their green chile is outstanding; they make their own flour tortillas, and the rellenos are just like mine —  that means the crispy egg roll variety oozing with lots of cheese. Carnitas tacos could be my new fave as I loved the pickled onions, cheese, and avocado that accompanied them. La Loma’s menu also has chimichangas, which are hard to find in the Mile High City. Additionally, free valet parking after 5 p.m. means that we were seated within minutes and found spicy red salsa and crispy corn chips awaiting us.

Arta Tequila, a 100-percent blue Weber agave small-batch craft tequila, will be the new premier bourbon-barrel-aged tequila featured at La Loma. Aged in American white oak, the tequila is in contact with the charred golden oak and holds about 30 gallons of Reposado. It is aged 11 months and will continue to age at La Loma. My resident expert couldn't wait to try it! Hints of pumpkin and vanilla make this tequila smooth, oaky, and very sippable. This makes great margaritas, and I can assure you that La Loma's sweet-and-sour mix (which is available for purchase) means that you too can make your margaritas the hit of the party. Take note, margarita-lovers!

Soon, La Loma will have three locations. The not-yet-opened flagship location will be across from the aquarium and will offer a football shuttle during Broncos season. A third La Loma will open in Castle Rock. (Additionally, the owners are also launching a new concept restaurant called Sierra Grill to Ridge Gate next summer, and it will feature a wood-fired grill and pizza oven.) Though La Loma has moved locations it will continue to have the same great, tasty food with its roots in traditional recipes. It has also managed to retain the feel of the original La Loma, which means a warm cozy atmosphere. Exposed brick, a fireplace, stained glass, great art, and friendly servers are part of its charm.

La Loma may have a new location, but its historic origins are still felt. Check out the new digs, don't forget to order churros with chocolate sauce for dessert, and call to make a reservation — this place is popular! La Loma has a loyal following, which ensures that old traditions don't die — they just get better.