Brunch at Ziziki’s: A Great Value in Dallas

For less than $25 before tax and tip, guests can enjoy a diverse, well presented, and well prepared brunch

You can enjoy a Greek-inspired brunch at Ziziki’s.

The weekend bruncher in Dallas is spoiled for choice. We would like to make your decision even harder.

Ziziki’s, the long-established Greek restaurant with two locations offer an impressive all-you-think-you-can-eat buffet for $24.95 on Saturday and Sunday (excluding tax and tip). Among the selections are Greek favorites like spanakopita, lamb kebabs, moussaka and baklava, and familiar dishes with Greek-inspired variations including Greek salads, meatballs and omelettes in which ingredients like Kalamata olives and feta cheese play a central role. There are also crowd-pleasing dishes with no claims to Greekness such as scrambled eggs, gravlax and bagels, pancakes, grilled haddock, and French toast. Even these are well executed. By way of example, the cream cheese accompanying the lox is blended with dill to match the dill that coats the salmon.

The price includes mimosas, rosé wine, soft drinks, and coffee as well. An à la carte menu is also offered but, unless there is something that really grabs you, we would say go for the expansive buffet. It’s diverse, well presented, and well prepared.

If you fancy a drink, the cocktails are worth a look. As for the wine list, kudos to the owners for the four red and four white Greek wines and the two Greek beers. Greek food is beer-friendly and I would like to see them add more local craft beers (there are now over 25 craft brewers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area) and lose some of the unexciting suds from Big Beer.

Seating is spacious in banquettes or at large tables with comfortable chairs. Parking is generally good. Service is friendly. Ziziki’s is wise to offer brunch on both days of the weekend as Saturday brunch is harder to find in the area. Their price point is ten dollars or more below some of the other buffets and represents good value.