Brunch at Boston’s Townsman is the Perfect Way to Kick Off Your Weekend


Townsman’s rendition of chicken and waffles comes with sweet corn waffles, pickle-brined chicken, and maple piperade.

Have you ever experienced a meal so epic that it took you days to recover? This is exactly what happens at chef Matt Jenning’s Townsman for brunch. And they know it.

Instead of a weekly Sunday brunch, as is the norm for most restaurants in Boston, the team at Townsman has decided to throw it all down once a month, and on a Saturday. Having just launched their first official brunch on September 26, you can now start preparing — or recovering in time — for the next one.

Here’s what you can expect:  a full list of brunch-inspired cocktails, like a classic Bloody Mary, a house special gin with carrot and ginger beverage, and, of course, a mimosa. You can also get your mind in order with their Stumptown brews, including a delightful cold brew.

Once you are set up with your choice of beverage, don’t wait a moment longer to get a plate to fill at their cake table. Just as it sounds, it’s a table full of a variety of different cakes, breads, baked goods, parfaits, cookies, and on and on. It’s brunch after all, why not eat dessert first?

If you are in the mood to start savory, enjoy oysters raw or fried with cornmeal, or soft scrambled eggs with buratta, tomato ragout, and herb relish ciabatta. Their rendition of chicken and waffles comes with sweet corn waffles, pickle-brined chicken, and maple piperade.

Chicken-fried hanger steak, and breakfast cassoulet with cotechino sausage, northern beans, and a sunny side egg are other brunch staples that Townsman adds a wonderfully creative touch to. Something completely off the wall but on this menu is their cinnamon bun grilled cheese. Yes, you read that right, it comprises Vermont cheddar with smoked apples on thick cut and cinnamon swirled bread.

After all of this, you can head back to, or hit up for the first time, the cake table. It’s like a comforting set of arms ready to receive you at any point throughout the meal — just what a cake table should be!

While all of this is going on, tunes are being spun by a live DJ, and satisfied bellies and souls abound. The next Townsman brunch fest will be near the end of October, and you can bet it will be just as epic!