Restaurateur Robert Treboux Passes Away and More News

In today's Media Mix, hot fudge causes a fight at McDonald's, plus more details on the Jay-Z vs. chef lawsuit

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Chefs and Personalities
• Robert Treboux, owner of legendary New York bistro Le Veau d'Or, which served celebrities like Grace Kelly, passed away Wednesday at the age of 87. [NY Times]

• Turns out, Jay-Z was suing his chef for the recipe for a spice mix for chicken wings. But now the rapper is dropping the $1.5 million lawsuit, although the chef may sue back for defamation. [NY Post]

Fast-Food Drama
• A customer punched a McDonald's employee, saying he was justified because the employee put hot fudge on the bottom of his sundae, not on top. [Knox News]

• Apparently, more restaurants are instituting policies against substitutions. So, no dressing on the side, then? [TODAY]

• Campbell's soup is trying to be all hip with a new line of soup inspired by food trucks. The model also wears thick-framed glasses. [HuffPo]