Restaurant Workers Taser Customer Over $1

Two employees chased and tasered a customer over a $1 dispute

A man says two restaurant employees chased and tasered him after he complained about being shortchanged by a dollar. 

The customer might always be right, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get chased down the street and tasered for his trouble, as happened to a restaurant guest this weekend who allegedly complained about receiving incorrect change and wound up being attacked by two employees.

According to the New York Post, Heirberto Chavez visited the New Panda Chinese restaurant near the Port Authority bus station late Wednesday night. He had already ordered and paid for some chicken wings and French fries when he says a homeless man asked him for $2.75 to pay for some food he wanted to buy. Chavez agreed and put $5 on the restaurant counter, but instead of getting back the $2.25 he expected, he says the employees only gave him $1.25. When he complained about the missing dollar, things escalated quickly. Chavez says two restaurant employees vaulted the counter and started chasing him and attacking him with a taser.

“This thing went from zero to 60 real quick,” Chavez said. “It escalated from an argument to them hitting me and then using the taser.”


Luckily for Chavez, a Port Authority police officer saw the fight go down, and she came to Chavez’s rescue and apprehended the two restaurant employees. Chavez was reportedly treated for injuries and released from the hospital, and police say the two employees have since been charged with assault and weapons possession.