Restaurant Instagram Shames Bad Tippers and More News

In today's Media Mix, 'Mad Men's' Le Cirque error, plus a guy cuts a watermelon in 21 seconds

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Restaurant Shames Bad Tippers: In another case of social media shaming, a restaurant owner is in hot water after his Instagram feed posted receipts with names and derogatory terms for customers. The owner says his Instagram feed was hacked. [Daily Mail]

Rise of Women in Coffee: Women, who have always had a share in the labor-intensive work of growing coffee, are slowly becoming leaders in the coffee world, owning and operating their own farms. [NPR]

'Mad Men' Flubs Le Cirque: After Mad Men's Joan Harris name-dropped the New York institution, when it hadn't even opened yet in 1968, the creator Matthew Weiner first blamed Christina Hendricks, then said it was "a terrible error." Which one is it? [NY Post]

Guy Cuts Watermelon: No big deal, just some guy breaking down a watermelon in 21 seconds. [Grub Street]


Eggs Might Raise Heart Disease: As the digestive system breaks down eggs, researchers find, a chemical called TMAO is created, often associated with heart attack and stroke risk. [NY Times]