Restaurant Gives Penny-Discount for 'Best Butt,' 'Best Looking'

Well, that's one way to subtly flirt. Not

Servers over at Daniel may call hot ladies "artichokes," but some places are less metaphoric.

Reddit unveiled a receipt where an attractive customer was rewarded with a $0.02 discount, one penny off for having the "best butt," another for being the "best looking." Sweet or creepy? Reddit user caraficionado24 went with sweet, writing, "A friend of mine got complimented rather sneakily at Twisted Root Burger."

Twisted Root Burger, a Texas burger chain, is actually best known for their burgers (explaining the "Meat is murder, tasty tasty murder" note on the bottom), so why anyone would order a veggie bowl is beyond us. And while this receipt could be a Photoshop job, it's not quite scandolous enough to be fake.

In fact, it seems like some receipts might just involve restaurant staff messing with each other. "Restaurant server here," one commenter wrote. "Whenever a server puts in a order on the computer sometimes if they leave their order open, other servers will come through and mess with the orders. For example, today I added 37 waters to a table's order because my co-worker left his screen up. The waters are free of course so they won't effect the total, but when the receipt is printed it will look crazy." Check out the receipt below.