Critic Roundup: The Food at Agua 301 Is Coated in Salt

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"Did anyone taste this food before it hit my table? Both the basket of chips and the guacamole smack mostly of Morton’s," says The Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema of Agua 301.

This week in restaurant news, The Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema reviews Agua 301, which has a name that is a bit deceiving as nearly everything on the menu is coated in salt. "Did anyone taste this food before it hit my table? Both the basket of chips and the guacamole smack mostly of Morton’s. To add insult to injury, the margarita “without salt, please” shows up with a white rim of the seasoning," says Sietsema.

In San Francisco, Alta CA "brings cool to Mid-Market," says San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer. "It's not that everyone is young — there are some diners who might be pushing their 50s — but they all have that cool, almost privileged vibe of empowerment and affluence."

In New York, New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells reviews Gotham West Market, where guests tend to like everything at the food court, except the inconvenience of the location on 11th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen. "“But the inconvenient address is the reason this new eating adventure exists,” he says. “It was built to lure renters to Gotham West, the 1,238-unit apartment complex above and behind it. As any New York real estate agent can tell you, even buyers who think of themselves as pioneers don’t want to mill corn and slaughter hogs like Pa Ingalls. Gotham West’s developer tried to answer that objection by bringing forth a troop of places to eat in a spot that had almost none.”


Restaurant Critic Roundup: 2/12/2014


Critic Publication Restaurant Rating
Gael Greene Insatiable Critic The Shakespeare  
Alan Richman GQ Mission Cantina 2 stars
Tom Sietsema Washington Post Agua 301  
Michael Bauer San Francisco Chronicle Alta CA 2 stars
Pete Wells New York Times Gotham West Market 2 stars
Brad A. Johnson Orange County Register Solita 2.5 stars
William Porter Denver Post Gallo di Nero 2 stars

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