Restaurant Behind R.E.M. Album Name in Trouble

Weaver D's in Athens, Georgia, is working to keep up with its bills

R.E.M. fans unite: Apparently, the restaurant that inspired the band's 1992 album name "Automatic for the People" is in danger of being shut down.

Weaver D's in Athens, Ga., is apparently holding off the gas company, which has been threatening to cut off their utilities. Restaurant owner Dexter Weaver blames slow business, plus high energy and food costs.

"(20)10 is when we really felt it," Weaver told the Athens Banner-Herald. "But we were there, we were whole, we were able to pay our bills. But anytime when somebody comes in Friday ready to cut your gas off — that’s what we cook on! That would put us right out. I’m so glad that he didn’t do it. And I’m glad that my 26 years is good for something."

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"Automatic for the People" was one of Weaver's mottos, so he's hoping that a wave of nostalgia will bring customers back for his fried chicken. As Grub Street notes, however, Michael Stipe might not help out, considering he once reportedly failed to tip a waitress for a $2,000 comped meal.