Republicans Love Olive Garden's 'Quality Ethnic Food' and More News

In today's Media Mix, PETA threatens pop-up over foie gras, plus hacking the SodaStream

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

PETA Threatens Pop-Up: "This is not a pop-up," a pop up in Los Angeles, hinted that they might have foie gras. PETA responded accordingly. [LAist]

Weight Watchers' Low Pay: Weight Watchers leaders might love the program, but they're still getting paid minimum wage while celeb spokespeople are making bank. [NY Times]

What to Do with SodaStream: Make sparkling wine, carbonated cocktails, and maybe carbonated egg cream (once Booker and Dax figures that out). [NY Times]

International Association of Culinary Professionals Finalists: The IACP has announced their list of food writing finalists for 2013. [IACP]


Political Food Preferences: According to a new poll, Democrats prefer bagels and croissants, and Republicans go for donuts. Democrats like KFC, Republicans like Chick-fil-A. And while Republicans found Olive Garden to be a "quality source of ethnic food," Democrats just barely disagreed. [Gawker]