Red Bull's Next Stunt: Obstacle Course

Check out the Red Bull Kluge

The Red Bull Kluge.

What is the Red Bull Kluge, you might ask? The follow-up to Felix Baumgartner's stunt of falling through the sound barrier. Check out this mind-blowing obstacle course from athlete Danny MacAskill and his team of stuntmen. 

The Kluge includes a massive obstacle course/contraption that consists of three half-pipes, a skateboard, an off-road truck, a dirt bike, a helicopter, and a bowling ball, says the Red Bull website. Completing the obstacle course is a superstar list of athletes, including Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, skater Ryan Sheckler, BMX ace Drew Bezanson, and drift car driver Rhys Millen. 

You won't believe your eyes watching this one — but can anything really top Baumgartner's jump? See for yourself. 

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