Red Bull, 7-Eleven Aim to Get You Overly Caffeinated for Black Friday

To promote the newest Red Bull flavors, here's a Black Friday deal to make you spin

The new lineup of Red Bull flavors.

Those of you brave enough to grab an energy drink after the latest headlines about 5-Hour Energy and Monster Energy Drinks, listen up! You can get even more caffeinated than you actually need to be on Black Friday. 

Remember when we told you about those new Red Bull flavors launching in March? Well, those flavors are now sold exclusively at 7-Eleven (and will launch nationally in March, as promised). And to celebrate the new cranberry, lime, and blueberry flavors, 7-Eleven is offering a deal for Black Friday — when you buy a new Red Bull flavor, you can get a free any-size coffee. (That includes the Will Ferrell-designed large holiday coffee cup.)


So let's do the math here: that's 8.4 fluid ounces of Red Bull, plus at least 12 ounces of coffee — that equals an insane amount of caffeine for a day of shopping (no matter what sales you are going to).