Recreating Carrie’s Prom

Host a Carrie-themed Halloween party for a bloody good time

Take Carrie to the prom for a wild Halloween night.

The reboot of the 1976  horror film Carrie, based off of Stephen King’s novel, is  in theaters and taking the scary story to a whole new level of terror. The tale of a lonely girl with a dark, powerful secret has entranced film lovers for over three decades and is packed with iconic scenes.  

Whether you saw the original film or not, there is no denying that visions of Carrie covered in pig’s blood will forever be burned into your brain. With its iconic status and fresh faced reboot, we wondered: what would it take to recreate Carrie’s Prom? Well, without the actual murder, of course

Learn how to begin Recreating Carrie’s Prom (Slideshow)

Perfect for any Halloween party, hosting a prom Bates High style will have tons of creative displays and a plethora of themed foods. Taking all of the major elements of the film into account, we thought of a way to incorporate all of those iconic scenes into one killer prom party. 


From the beginning shower scene to the blood soaked ending, we’ve come up with some amazing ways to help you recreate a prom straight out of a teenager’s nightmares. Hosts can give a nod to Carrie’s telekinetic powers with the help of gravity defying objects that