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Watermelon Salad


Recipe Courtesy of Omni Hotels & Resorts



4 oz.                Watermelon Grilled then Large Diced

1                      Lemon, Half Grilled

2 oz.                Avocado Slices

1 oz.                Arugula

4                      Basil Fried Crisp

4                      Prosciutto Slices

Pinch               Kosher Salt

Pitch                Pepper



1. Grill the watermelon on a hot grill not to fully cook but only to mark.

2. Dice the watermelon after it is cook and arrange on the plate.

3. Arrange the sliced avocado neatly around the watermelon in an organized manner.

4. Place the prosciutto in a 4x4 setting.     

5. Place the fried basil also in a 4x4 setting slightly off from the prosciutto.

6. Toss the arugula gently with olive oil salt and pepper, and place neatly around to garnish the salad.     

7. Grill the lemon and place off to the side of the salad.