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Tumeric and Cherry Juice Shot

The tumeric and cherry shot helps to provide relief of joint pain due to the anti-inflammatory compounds in tumeric

Turmeric is pretty much a super spice, used to treat and prevent many issues. This golden yellow root is great in smoothies and mini shots such as the Turmeric and Cherry juice shot. The anti-inflammatory compounds fond in the spice are great for those who suffer from arthritis as it can ease join pain. When making the juice, opt for fresh, tart, bitter cherries for max benefits.

Courtesy of RebootwithJoe.com


  • 1 tumeric root, four inches long
  • 1/2 - 1 Cup fresh cherries, pitted


Wash and cut turmeric.

Wash and pit cherries.

Juice turmeric and cherries.

Drink and enjoy!