Scotch and Soda

Scotch and Soda

Here's mud in your eye.


You could use bourbon instead if you must.


  • 1 jigger of good scotch
  • 1 bottle of soda


Fill a highball glass halfway up with ice cubes. Add the scotch and just a splash of the soda. Save the rest to drink later when you're hungover from having had 12 of these easy-to-make cocktails. Stir drink briefly with a long spoon and enjoy.

Soda Shopping Tip

You can make healthy sodas at home by adding fresh fruit to seltzer water. If you want the classic flavors, however, you can also use flavor packets or frozen lemonade mixed with seltzer. Get creative!

Soda Cooking Tip

Making homemade sodas is a great project to embark on with kids. Use plsatic pitchers and wooden spoons to prevent breakage.