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Nutella, Banana, and Caramel Dessert Pizza


Nutella, Banana, and Caramel Dessert Pizza

Staying true to authentic baking methods, these flatbreads are made with the finest ingredients using traditional baking methods. Stonefire recipes showcase the versatility of our flatbreads. In 15 minutes you can create a delicious, easy meal for you and your family!


  • 1 Stonefire naan
  • ½ Cup Nutella, softened (microwave for 10 to 20 seconds)
  • 3 bananas, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 1/3 Cup caramel sauce


Toast the naan in the oven at 300 degrees F for approximately 10 minutes or until softened. Alternatively, you may microwave the bread for 10 to 20 seconds and allow to cool for a minute. 

Spread the Nutella on the warm naan evenly. Top with sliced banana and drizzle liberally with the caramel sauce. Slice and serve.