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Miso Ramen Stir Fry

Miso Ramen Stir Fry
Grilled Nectarines

This quick meal is a college student’s best friend. It’s ready in minutes and will keep you full for quite a while. Not to mention it’s delicious. 

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Deliver Ingredients


  • 1 package instant ramen, without spice packet
  • 2 Teaspoons olive or sesame oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • ½ of a medium onion, diced
  • Mixed mushrooms, cut into bite sized pieces
  • ½ head bok choy
  • 1 Tablespoon white miso paste
  • Dash of soy sauce
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Cook instant ramen according to directions on package without adding the spice packet. Drain, rinse, and set aside in a warm place while you continue cooking.

Heat the oil in a large pan. Add garlic and onion and cook on medium high heat, stirring occasionally, for one to two minutes, or until soft and fragrant.

Add mushrooms and cook for two to three minutes, or until softened.

Add bok choy and continue cooking for another two to three minutes or until bok choy is wilted.

Reduce heat to low. Add cooked ramen noodles to the pan and stir to combine.

Add miso paste to the mixture and stir until miso is fully incorporated. You don’t want any clumps of miso.

Turn off heat. Add a dash of soy sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Plate and enjoy.

Stir Fry Shopping Tip

Staples of Asian cuisine such as ginger, daikon, rice vinegar, and spicy chile sauces like Sriracha add bright, fresh flavors without lots of fuss.

Stir Fry Cooking Tip

Sriracha has good heat but also has flavor - its mild sweetness comes from sun-ripened chile peppers as well as sugar and garlic.