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Medley of Citrus Fruit with Fresh Mint

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Medley of Citrus Fruit with Fresh Mint

Medley of Citrus Fruit with Fresh Mint

Treat yourself to a refreshing, healthy dessert with this fruit medley! A sprig of mint is the perfect topping for these tangy-yet-sweet fruit cups. Pair with a crisp Bordeaux Entre-Deux-Mers and enjoy.


Wine Pairings

Traditional pairing: Pair with a crisp and fruity Bordeaux dry white wine from Entre-Deux-Mers

Non-traditional paring: Select an unctuous and intense Bordeaux sweet white wine from Sauternes, Barsac, Cadillac, Cérons, Loupiac or Sainte-Croix-du-Mont.


  • 6 blood oranges
  • 6 tangerines
  • 3 grapefruits
  • Fresh mint
  • Cane sugar


Peel the fruit, including the fleshy white part.

Extract the flesh (without the skin) and the juice.

Pour the juice in a saucepan, add the sugar and the fresh mint, according to taste.

Boil for 5 minutes, then filter.

Place the fruit in small, individual bowls, pour the juice over the fruit, then mix. Serve chilled.