Hot Drinks for the Holiday

Hot Drinks for the Holiday

Who isn't intrigued by the idea of a toasty Hot Toddy or cup of Hot Buttered Rum mulled cider on a chilly winter night? Have you ever ordered one in a bar, or prepared one at home? Probably not. Here are three simple to make hot drinks for all the virgins among us.

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The B’s Hot Toddy

2 ounces brandy or rum or rye

1 ounce honey

1/4 ounce lemon juice

1 ounce mulled or plain cider

2 cloves

1 cinammon stick

1 slice orange studded with cloves for garnish


The B’s Mulled Cider

1 quart cider

1 orange thinly sliced

2 cinammon sticks

6 cloves

3 whole allspice berries

1/2 cup dark brown sugar

1 inch ginger root (optional)

1 star anise (optional)

rum or brandy to taste (optional)


The B’s Hot Buttered Rum

1 1/2 oz. dark rum

¾ oz. simple syrup

1/2 oz. maple syrup

Hot water

1 pat butter

Garnish with fresh nutmeg

Warm liquids, add butter, sprinkle nutmeg on top.



The B's Hot Toddy

A little planning goes a long way. This recipe is for two.  Our recommendation, though, is to make a larger batch of the non-alcoholic ingredients in advance to keep on hand.

Infuse the cider, lemon juice, and honey mixture with the cinammon stick and cloves a day or two ahead.  It’s simple: bring the liquid to a boil with the spices, let cool and refrigerate until used.

Right before serving re-heat your spiced infusion then add the alcohol (off the stove) and garnish with a squeeze of orange juice and the slice of orange.


(The B's Mulled Cider)

Bring liquids (excluding alcohol) and spices to a boil. (We like to put the spices in a tea strainer or cheesecloth for easy removal). You can serve right away or let sit for a day or two in the ‘fridge to deeply infuse fla

Holiday Shopping Tip

Make sure you have all the recipes you are going to make ahead of time. Compile your grocery list from those recipes a week in advance.

Holiday Cooking Tip

Balance the amount of dishes prepared ahead and those put together last minute – serve cold dishes made in advance as well as items straight from the stove.