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Grilled Pepper Jack Cheese with Green Tomatoes and Bacon


Grilled Pepper Jack Cheese with Green Tomatoes and Bacon

Growing up, there was one comfort food that never failed in my family. Late nights, hard decisions, rainy days, and bad days were all met with the hearty and delcious grilled cheese with tomatoes. For my brothers, or for a really special day, my mom would throw in bacon, or switch up the selection of tomatoes (and for my youngest brother, take out the tomatoes completely). This sandwich became a staple, and now for me, acts as my little home away from home. Super-easy, relatively quick, and with just a few ingredients, grilled cheese with tomatoes (and bacon) never fails.

In this recipe, I've made a few changes, adding pepper jack cheese to give it a little kick (although pimento or Cheddar also work very well), and subbed in green tomatoes (which my mom would dub a very special treat). Experiment with tomato variations and mixtures, for added flavor. 

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  • 4 slices pepper jack cheese
  • 2 slices sourdough bread
  • 2 slices green tomato
  • 4 strips bacon, cooked*
  • 1/8 stick butter, softened


Lay 1 piece of cheese on each slice of bread, then add a thin tomato slice to each, and then on top of each tomato, another slice of cheese. Next, nestle the bacon strips in between and close together to make a sandwich. Butter the outside of the sandwich.

Toast on a pan over medium-high heat until the bread is your desired level of light brown. Then, flip the whole sandwich over (careful not to let anything fall out) and toast the other side. Flip one more time, to make sure all the cheese is melted and ready to go. Serve and enjoy!