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Fat Tommy’s Cheese Grits Breakfast Recipe

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Maryse Chevriere


This is a soul-satisfying breakfast best made on a leisurely morning while listening to good, loud music. It won’t take long unless you use stone-ground grits and if you soak the stone-ground grits overnight even those will cook fairly quickly.

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For the grits:

For the ham:

  • Ham, preferably uncured, cob-smoked ham
  • Sweet butter, for frying
  • ¼ cup Madeira, preferably Rainwater

For the egg:

  • 1 or 2 eggs
  • Chicken broth
  • Dash of cider vinegar
  • Salt (optional)


For the grits:

Follow the True Grits recipe.

For the ham:

You will find tasty ham choices in almost any store. I used an uncured, cob-smoked ham from a farm in Vermont and it was delicious. This little cooking trick made it even better.  I sliced a couple of relatively thin slices (about 1/8 inch), just enough for me. I fried them hot in sweet butter and just as they were about ready I added ¼ cup of Rainwater Madeira and cooked it down until it was thick. I served the ham alongside the grits and some of my ham sauce mingled with the grits to delectable effect.

For the egg:

Softly poach a good farm-fresh egg or two in chicken broth with a bit of vinegar. Or, you can cook them in salted water with a touch of vinegar. I just happened to have made some very good chicken broth and the poaching results were sensational. Here’s what I did. I used a non-stick pan big enough to hold two eggs comfortably and added enough broth to cover the eggs; about two inches. I brought that to a boil, turned it down to simmer and added two teaspoons cider vinegar. I broke the eggs, one at a time, into a cup and slowly poured them into the simmering liquid. I used a spoon to form the egg together as much as possible. After about a minute, I turned off the heat, covered the pan, and waited about 4 more minutes. You could use a minute more or less time depending on how you like your eggs. Trust your eyes. When ready to eat, spoon your grits onto a plate and make a well in the grits with a spoon. Use a slotted spoon to transfer the eggs to their nest in the grits. (This is about runny yolks and the grits.) Have the ham ready. Enjoy your breakfast!

Cheese Grits Shopping Tip

Southern food is a mixture of Native American, Creole, and European influences. Staples of this comfort food include corn (in all its forms), honey, chicken, pork, and seafood, all easily found at any neighborhood grocery store.

Cheese Grits Cooking Tip

Southern and comfort food is often rich and heavy, be sure to include lots of greens and vegetables with these dishes.