Estate Signature Punch

Estate Signature Punch
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This recipe is basically an adult version of Hawaiian fruit punch. By mixing rum and tangy fruit flavors, this rum punch recipe captures all of the best aromas from both summer and fall. This recipe is courtesy of Willy Shine. 
  • 18 ounce rum, such as appleton estate singature blend
  • 2 ounce liqueur, such as benedictine
  • 9 ounce wine, such as sandeman character amontillado sherry
  • 9 ounce orange/lemon demerara shrub
  • 18 ounce cold strong hibiscus tea
  • 1.5 cup demerara sugar
  • 3 oranges
  • 2 lemons
  • 6 ounce boiling water
  1. Combine all the ingredients into a large pitcher and add large ice cubes. To prepare each drink, fill the glass with ice, pour the punch, and top with the citrus garnishes, and grated the nutmeg.
  2. In a large mason jar, combine Demerara sugar and the peels of 3 medium oranges and 2 lemons, muddle together, and shake. Let it sit for 3-4hrs. Add 6 ounces of boiling water, shake until sugar is dissolved and let chill. Oleo Sacrum will stay refrigerated for a week or frozen for longer. Combine 12 ounces of juice from lemons and 3 ounces juice from oranges. Stir, strain out peels, bottle, and refrigerate until ready to use.