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El Cuba Libre Reforma


The rum and Coke, according to the blog The Savory, is a classic drink that with a few tweaks can go from a college fallback to "all growed up." Pete Capella from The Savory stepped up the rum game by using an aged rum, the Bacardi 8-year, and Mexican Coke. According to Capella, "A simple Coke-flavored soda will just not do and neither will the U.S. version of the branded stuff. Instead we subbed in a bottle of Mexican Coke that uses real sugar cane in the soda. Finally, fresh-squeezed organic lime juice balances the sweetness of the cola and makes for a great-looking garnish." 



  • 2 Ounces Bacardi 8-year rum
  • Fresh juice from 1/2 lime
  • Mexican Coca-Cola, to top


Pour aged rum into Collins glass. Fresh squeeze 1/2 organic lime. Ice the glass and fill with Mexican Coca-Cola. Garnish with the squeezed 1/2 of lime. Add a straw and enjoy.