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Christmas Citrus Soda Recipe

Maryse Chevriere


When it comes to hosting family-friendly holiday parties, few think of offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic variations of the same drink. We developed this blood-orange flavored soda with children, and those who don't imbibe, in mind.

Inspired by the fresh flavors and vibrant colors of blood oranges, which appear in markets just before Christmas, and the unique shape of the red glass bottles of Solerno, this cocktail is simple to make, while the slightly-sweet citrus flavor is both refreshing and satisfying.

Solerno is a clear Sicilian blood orange liqueur, made from whole blood orange fruit and essential oils. The bottle is a deep red, like the flesh of a blood orange, and takes on a unique design — the bottom features a punt (the indent on wine bottles) that resembles an orange juice strainer. Just looking at the bottle may make you thirsty for a cocktail.

While the recipe below is for an adult version, you can leave out the liqueur for a kid-friendly blood orange soda. No one will know the difference.


2 ounces Solerno liqueur

4 ounces fresh-squeezed blood orange juice

Sparkling water, for topping

Blood orange slice, for garnish


Place three ice cubes in a white wine glass. Add liqueur, then juice. Top with sparkling water, and serve with a slice of blood orange floating on top.