Bloody Mary With Bacon And Avocado

Bloody Mary With Bacon And Avocado
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“I love to serve this famous Sunday morning libation in Ball jars — although I serve this with summer luncheons of crab salad, deviled eggs and slices of crispy bread because it’s the perfect complementing drink with this menu! People not only love the idea of repurposing the jar, they love the addition of harmonizing avocado and crispy bacon. Add some snow pea shoots for a little bit of artistry and a refreshing replacement for traditional celery. If you’re serving it like I do, use your favorite tomato juice or make a bloody mary mixture and add the accompaniments.” — Kerry Dunnington, author of This Book Cooks
  • 1 (thirty two-ounce bottle) tomato juice or bloody mary mix
  • 4 boston lettuce leaves
  • 4 pieces bacon, cooked until crispy
  • 1/2 ripe avocado, sliced into four wedges
  • snow pea shoots
  • lemon wedges (garnish)
  1. Fill glasses with desired amount of ice cubes. Add tomato juice or bloody mary mixture. Garnish each glass with 1 lettuce leaf, bacon strip, avocado wedge, and snow pea shoots. Garnish with lemon wedges. Serve immediately.