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Barbecue Ribs Recipe

BBQ Sauce
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BBQ Sauce

This recipe for Dutch oven ribs is smothered in thick BBQ sauce and cooked to perfection. 

[Editor’s Note: Lewis uses a type of Dutch oven known as a camping, cowboy, or chuckwagon, which has a rimmed cover in order to place coals on top. If you are using a generic Dutch oven, you can simply place it inside your home oven at 325 degrees rather than using hot coals as Terry instructs.] 


  • 6 pounds of country-style pork or beef ribs, individually separated
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • One 28-ounce bottle of BBQ sauce, preferably Bull's Eye


  • One 12-inch Dutch oven
  • 60 hot coals


Over 12 coals, slightly brown the ribs in a Dutch oven and season with salt and pepper. Cover the ribs with barbecue sauce.

Cover and bake, using 8 coals underneath the oven and 14-16 coals on top, for 1 ½-2 hours. (You will need to replace the coals with new ones after 50 minutes of cooking time.) If the sauce gets too thick during cooking, add a small amount of water to thin it.