Recipes That Will Heal

New cookbook 'Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen' shows us that food can play a huge role in fighting the life-threatening disease

This carrot soup is a blood-boosting, nausea-nixing, and dehydration-defending tool in the fight against cancer.

We’ve all hailed food as our savior from time to time, as it can provide a comforting warmth that we embrace in good times and in bad. Whether it is breaking bread with family during the holidays or treating ourselves to something indulgent when we’re sad, we’re constantly elevating food to a restorative status that can transform our feelings and emotions.

For cancer survivors Annette Ramke and Kendall Scott, food was literally a healing power during their personal battles with the disease, and they tell their story about food and the role it played in their struggles in the new cookbook Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen. The book, which comes out this month in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, is a guide to fighting cancer with our favorite remedy: food. A result of their new-found passion for nutrition, the book tells the story of how Ramke and Scott took control during their fights and offers real-world guidance for woman fighting the disease in and out of the kitchen.

Part guide and part cookbook, Kicking Cancer contains a plethora of information covering all challenges that women face during their fight against cancer. The beginning of the book serves as a survival guide for the disease, covering everything from Ramke and Scott’s personal stories, losing hair, how to get into your "food groove," and what cookware is best to use when battling cancer. The second section takes the fight into the kitchen, providing more than 100 recipes that can play key roles in helping one survive cancer. From supporting blood oxygen health and brain performance to helping curb nausea during treatments, Ramke and Scott cover a large variety of recipes that will help one stay healthy and feel energized.


For the authors, the book was the result of them falling in love with nutrition while coping with their illnesses. After meeting in nutrition school, the now-certified holistic health coaches found that food gave them strength to survive their battles.