Recipe Review: Wong's Five Spice Chicken and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, waffle sandwiches, plus a ton of grilling recipes
Five Spice

Five Spice

Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

NY Times
• Take advantage of summer by grilling lamb with juicy peaches.

LA Times
• A quick vegetarian dinner: zucchini, feta, and basil frittata.

San Francisco Chronicle
• These sourdough waffle BLTs sound kind of amazing. Yes, this too can be yours.

• Get your hands on some fresh coconut for this crunchy coconut berry salad.

Chicago Tribune
• It might be too hot to bake, but any sort of pie (especially cherry pie) is worth it.

Seattle Times
• Classic barbecue burgers with caramelized onions never get old.

Kitchen Daily
• Or, go for pulled pork sandwiches as a crowd pleaser.

Portland Press Herald
• Then serve up a rhubarb-raspberry crisp for dessert.

Washington Post
• Tuna goes classy with this linguine, fennel, and tuna recipe.

Wall Street Journal
• New York City's Wong shares a recipe for five spice chicken skewers, perfect for a rooftop party.