The Recipe for the Perfect At-Home Pizza Date

Get a few tips on how to master at-home pizza and win your date over

It’s pretty simple logic: people love pizza. Like, really, really love it. And there are few more effective ways to impress a date than to concoct a gorgeous pie.

Like fresh bread, handmade pizza is comforting, familiar, and delicious, but there’s a dogged perception that it’s challenging to make. Here’s a secret: it’s not. Once you figure out how to make the perfect dough, you’re pretty much just adding toppings.

Here’s a recipe for the classic, Neopolitan style pizza that every date will love. Red sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil — there’s really no other secret.

Strategy: Dough leavening takes a few hours. Plan ahead and take care of all sauce and toppings prep while dough rises. When your special guest arrives, the only thing left to do should be rolling out the dough, spreading delicious stuff on top, and baking.

Note: This might be the most important thing you do all night. Make a noise or yell “Andiamo!” It is at this point that you want your date to watch you roll out the dough. It makes you look more like a pro than you really are. Maybe roll up your sleeves and show off you guns.

Ben Pomeroy, HowAboutWe

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