Rebirth of the Egg

Taking another look at the health properties of eggs


Once maligned as too high in cholesterol, eggs have made a serious comeback. Packed with protein, choline, selenium, iodine, and various vitamins, the egg is a nutrient-filled dynamo and an excellent substitute for meat. Also, many farmers include omega-3s in their hens’ diets, ushering eggs, funnily enough, into the heart-healthy choice category. Another huge plus is eggs are easy on the pocketbook with even the finest farmer’s market options being a cheaper option than fish and meat.

When choosing eggs at the grocery store, always check to make sure none are cracked by wiggling each one and choose those from the back of the cooler with the latest date. As we move into spring, look for pasture fed eggs at your local farmers market. You will be amazed at their intensely orange yolks and creamy texture. Not only that, most market eggs were laid within hours of your purchase.

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