Rare Lobster Rescued from Supermarket

A rare yellow lobster has escaped the pot after being spotted in supermarket

A rare yellow lobster was rescued from the lobster tank of a Florida supermarket.

A rare yellow lobster lived out its own Cinderella story this week after being spotted in the tank of a Florida supermarket and rescued because of its unusual hue.

According to The Huffington Post, the odds of finding a yellow lobster are one in 30 million, but a big, gold lobster was recently spotted hanging out in the lobster tank of a Florida Publix. Its unusual color made it something of a local celebrity.

"A lot of people stopped and took pictures," said Greg Rogers, the seafood manager at the Publix in question.

The store’s employees reportedly helped keep the lobster from being sold until a local woman named Marybeth Jeitner and a friend declared their intent to rescue the lobster, which they named “Libbie,” short for “Liberation.” Libbie was purchased from the Publix and set up in a saltwater tank in Jeitner’s friend’s kitchen until a permanent home could be found for her.

Eventually, the Seacoast Science Center in New Hampshire agreed to take Libbie on as a permanent resident.

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“"The most exciting part of all of this to me is that Libbie survived this whole ordeal to become famous and make children who come see her happy," said Jeitner, who said she plans to write a children’s book about Libbie the yellow lobster.