Ramen Burger To Be Sold at Brooklyn’s Dassara For One Month

Keizo Shimamoto has collaborated with the ramen spot to feature his brainchild burger

Keizo Shimamoto's famous ramen burger will be available at Dassara Ramen for one month.

The highly-coveted ramen burger touched down in San Diego and Los Angeles last week, and now it will make its way to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, but only for a limited time.

Ramen burger mastermind Keizo Shimamoto of Smorgasburg, where the burger first went on sale a few weeks ago, is teaming up with Dassara Ramen for one month to feature the novelty burger, according to Eater.

Last month, Dassara celebrated their 1-year old birthday by creating their own take onf a ramen burger, with Shimamoto’s blessing. According to Dassara’s Facebook page, the ramen-ya created a Bootleg Black Label Burger (inspired by the famous one sold at the Minetta Tavern) with shortrib, brisket, and caramelized onions smothered in a white Cabot cheddar and secret sauce, wedged between two ramen buns.

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This is not the first time that Dassara is collaborating with a well-known chef. Last month, the resto restaurant collaborated with Angelo Romano of The Pines to create a specialty ramen with fermented turnip, pickle milkweed, smoked guanciale, and quail egg in a green tea-dashi.