Quick and Easy 3-Ingredient Smoothies

Smoothies, the ultimate “fast food,” just got faster

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Delicious, nutritious, and quick!

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to enjoy a healthy meal on the go, but with more and more people getting their daily dose of produce in liquid form, things have gotten a bit complicated. Though there is a time and place for elaborate five-ingredient (or more) smoothies, sometimes you just want a fresh, quick, and fulfilling drink to go. For those moments, there’s the simplistic beauty of the three-ingredient smoothie.

Quick and Easy 3-Ingredient Smoothies (Slideshow)

These blended beverages are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, can replace a meal without giving up any flavor, and don’t create a mountain of dishes to be cleaned afterwards. Getting the basics down and setting up a simple routine not only saves you money and calories, but can also save you time — whipping one of these will be far quicker than swinging by a drive-through.

The key to making quick smoothies isn’t just keeping the number of ingredients to a minimum; it’s doing a little bit of prep work, too. Pre-chopping and freezing your fruits and vegetables, or hitting up the freezer section for a few bags of frozen produce, makes a huge difference in time and quality. Freezing some of your components frees you from having to add ice, which can water down your drink, bust your blender, and leave you with unbroken pieces that get stuck in your straw.

Whether you’re a blending beginner or a skillful smoothie enthusiast, these creative three-ingredient smoothies are great go-to recipes when you’re on the run or even if you just want to spend less time in the kitchen. 

Cereal Bowl

The ultimate morning smoothie, the Cereal Bowl is breakfast in a glass packed with potassium and fiber. Enjoy with a spoon or a wide straw!

Banana Cream

Raw vegans love this nutrient-packed Banana Cream frozen treat because it's a thick and delectable dessert that can be made without any animal byproducts.

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