Questionable Oreo Machine Sprays Liquefied Cream Straight Into Your Mouth

It's not the most efficient way to separate the Oreo, but it works

Somehow, it seems like lovers of the Oreo filling always get the short end of the stick. The first Oreo separating machine just scraped the filling off into unsatisfying clumps, and this one literally liquefies the cream for consumption. It works, yes, but there needs to be a better way.

In Oreo's second video of their genius advertising series (it all started with the Super Bowl commercial, if you remember), the team visits a team of toy scientists in Minnesota. One of the scientists likes the cream filling, while the other likes the cookie, so their machine separates the Oreos to give them each their favorite part.

The mechanics of the machine includes a loading dock and a stage for a cookie, where the machine will push the cookie into the cookie-lover's mouth, spray the cream, and then launch the remaining cookie in the air. Somehow, we still think the old-fashioned way is the best.

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