Puppies, Easter Eggs Star in Promo for White House Easter Egg Roll

Bo's shining moment

We have a certain soft spot for White House first dog Bo (stop being adorable and getting asked out by lady dog friends, Bo), so this video was pretty much made for us. To feature the 2013 Easter Egg Roll at the White House this year, the White House decided to send Bo out on an egg hunt, chasing after five eggs with stamped signatures of the president and first lady (and one with Bo's paw print on it). We're pretty sold.

Watch the promo video below as Bo traipses around the White House lawns, obediently sitting down as he "finds" the eggs. We're sure he's not actually searching these eggs out, but he's a dog so he gets a free pass at faking it.

The White House eggs are on sale now for $29.99 here. Meanwhile, the Easter Egg Roll at the White House takes place April 1,with more than 35,000 people planning to attend. We can only hope Bo will be there, too.