The Pumpkin Digest

Fall is upon us, and it's our favorite time of year here at The Daily Meal because we're crazy for pumpkin dishes, drinks, and recipes. And we're not alone. Riding the popularity wave of the beloved pumpkin, the folks over at GrubHub put together a digest of top national findings pertaining to everything you could ever want to know about pumpkin.


Out of the more than 605 GrubHub restaurants that feature pumpkin on the menu, the most popular dishes ordered were pumpkin curry, followed by pumpkin cheesecake and then pumpkin ravioli. We all love a good pumpkin drink, and the most popular one last year was the pumpkin milkshake, with second place going to pumpkin lattes. Interestingly (but perhaps not surprisingly), GrubHub found that pumpkin orders spike by approximately 33 percent each October and November.


And who are the ones doing all the ordering? Well, women are 54 percent more likely to order pumpkin dishes than men, and Charlottesville, Va., was the city with the most pumpkin orders in 2012, followed by San Francisco. Portland, Ore., led the pack for the most restaurants with pumpkin on the menu, and San Francisco again came in after that. As for the GrubHub restaurant with the most pumpkin orders? Modern Thai in San Francisco topped the charts again.