Product Review: Trader Joe's Smashing S'mores

Like Christmas cookies, s'mores are one of those seasonal treats that you're bound to instantly crave as soon as the season rolls around. Even the most s'mores-ambivalent person is likely to consume at least one of the traditional chocolate and marshmallow summer sandwiches before fall arrives, or at least have a hankering for one.

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So Trader Joe's really had the right idea when they created their addictive, milk-chocolate coated "Smashing S'mores": why not cash in on summertime-campfire nostalgia with a delicious, no-effort version of the childhood favorite? For die-hard s'mores lovers, they make the perfect everyday summer indulgence, and for those who are much too busy this summer to roast marshmallows around a campfire, they're an easy, instant way to get a blast of s'mores flavor.

Smashing S'mores are reasonably-sized squares of graham cracker topped with a marshmallow and doused in milk chocolate. The serving size is two squares, but they're so good you'll want to pop them in your mouth in an endless stream. We were a little surprised at how quickly the treats went stale; however, in our search for a solution to this problem, we discovered something glorious: with a microwave, you're only four to six seconds away from a warm, melt-y treat that tastes remarkably like the real deal.