Presidential Debates: The Drinking Game, Plus Swing-State Cocktails

It's finally happening: let's toast our presidential candidates with a drink (or shot)

There's nothing that we love more than a bit of a rivalry to shake up a Wednesday night of drinks, and tonight we have our excuse: the first of the presidential debates for the November election. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama will face off tonight in what's being called the debate to determine the race. 

The good mixologists at Art Smith's Washington, D.C. hot spot Art and Soul whipped up a series of cocktails to honor the states closely watching the turnout of the debates: the swing states. For your own watch party, we've got the recipes for the Colorado Orchard cocktail, the Oasis cocktail for Nevada, the Cardinal Cooler cocktail for Virginia, and the Patriot cocktail for New Hampshire (though we're all patriots here). 

Click here for the Swing-State Cocktails slideshow

But while a presidential debate can be fascinating for political junkies, there are others who can't get through it without a shot in hand. If you're needing some drinking inspiration to muddle through tonight's debates, behold The Daily Meal's Presidential Debates Drinking Game:

• Take a shot when a statistic is named with no source behind it. 

• Take a shot when the candidate "points" with his body language; Obama's signature moves are the "pointer," "cutting," and "tossing a ball," while Romney's moves are the "embrace," "tilt and nod," and  "pointer." 

• Drink every time either candidate mentions a touching story about a "true American." 

• Take a shot every time "Obamacare " is mentioned, and two shots if "Romneycare" is mentioned. 

• Every time the speaking candidate changes, trade drinks with the person to your right. Whether you like it or not.

• Finish your drink when they move onto the next question. 


Note: Take our drinking game with a grain of salt, as it might just be too much for any red-blooded American. To November!