President Obama Delivers Pizza to Nevada Campaign Office


President Obama took a break from preparing for tomorrow’s debate to rain down cheese and sauce from the pizza heavens on his supporters in his Henderson, N.V., campaign office. The 20 employees were all smiles as the president himself carried in a half-dozen piping-hot pies (no word on what toppings or if they were all plain cheese).

While slices were passed around, Obama made calls to volunteers and spoke about the close nature of the upcoming election — noting that Nevada in particular would be critical for a win in November. Pizza party aside, the POTUS proved he was no Herman Cain, discussing the remaining 36 days of the trail and assuring people that "This is my last campaign so we want to leave it all on the table and work as hard as we can."

Luckily, it seems the commander in chief recognizes that hard work is made that much more palatable with a quality slice.