Powerful Yogurt: Making a Man Near You Feel Better About his ‘Girly’ Eating Habits

A new Greek yogurt is designed just for men

Powerful Yogurt

Powerful Yogurt seeks to fulfill every proud bro’s dream.

The new company has developed a line of Greek yogurt, or “brogurt,” for the several closeted male Greek yogurt eaters out there, if any. No longer will Greek yogurt loving men feel and (more importantly) look as if they enjoy juice cleanses and Soul Cycle, but they can actually still maintain their bro status while eating the healthy snack in public, and maybe even at the gym (gasp). 

It is pretty clear that the passionate bros who started Powerful Yogurt felt immensely judged by the ladies when they whipped out their daily dose of Chobani, and hope that their masculine yogurt will put this judging to an end.  “In a niche typically dominated by female consumers, we decided to develop a new Greek yogurt specifically suited to address the unique health and nutrition needs of the most neglected consumers in the category: men,” their website states.

In order to get rid of the supposed girly Greek yogurt stigma, Powerful Yogurt designed new, “man-sized” packaging, which keenly resembles the look of the classic GNC protein shake containers. Then, to man it up even more, they added 25 grams of protein (the average Greek yogurt has 15-20) and developed flavors with ingredients designed to specifically benefit the male body.

The strawberry flavor claims to improve glucose function, increases nervous system activity and increases sperm count; blueberry acai claims to help prevent cancer and diabetes, improve brain function, and boosts energy levels, banana claims to help form new red blood cells; and the apple cinnamon lowers LDL cholesterol. But nothing truly compares to the benefits of the mango, which claims to improve male reproductive function, normalize sex hormones, and raise libido and sex drive.

Powerful Yogurt definitely thought this plan through, at least according to them: men can now look cool while enjoying the once supposedly embarrassing post-workout snack, and their girlfriends can be more sexually satisfied than ever.

So ladies, it’s probably a good time to get that mango yogurt for your boyfriend, husband, or the occasional guy at the bar that you like to spoon feed.

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