Pork Paradise: Bacon Restaurant Opens in Manhattan


You can get different types of artisan bacon at BarBacon, or stick with a twist on the classic: bacon and eggs.

It’s a bacon-lover’s paradise. BarBacon opened earlier this year in New York not as a gimmick, according to owner Peter Sherman, but as an homage to bacon, with an ever-changing menu of dishes inspired by and including several artisan varieties of the beloved smoked pork ingredient. The casual bar and eatery is located just below Columbus Circle on 9th avenue between 54th and 55th.

“Bacon is nostalgia; it’s breakfast at home with your family. Every American family sits down and has bacon and eggs. I try to bring that comfort to my place,” Sherman told us. “This is not a greasy food craving, this is about wanting the best. No one has approached bacon as an artisanal ingredient like we do here.”

Sherman came from the L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in the Four Seasons Hotel (now closed), and this is his first restaurant venture. Some of the more popular dishes at BarBacon right now include a bacon grilled cheese, lobster bacon macaroni and cheese, and Brussels sprouts with bacon and Greek yogurt. And if you came in and ordered the bacon flights, which, Sherman told The Daily Meal, most customers do, you would enjoy noshing on a variety of bacon samples like jalapeño bacon, maple bacon and lamb bacon, which can be added to a sandwich or enjoyed plain.

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Sherman gets all of his bacon at the best smokehouses across America, although some bacon is made in-house like his popular chorizo bacon. What’s next for BarBacon?  Sherman said that he’s trying to incorporate more bacon into the bar menu.