Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Is the Best Idea Ever

Creators of the (self-proclaimed) world's largest gummy bear have spawned a crazy, Pop Rocks-cotton candy combination

When ranking the list of favorite childhood sweets, Pop Rocks might top the list. So for the indulgent kid in us all, the latest creation from Vat 19 is just the thing to get us on a sugar high.

The guys behind supposedly the world's largest gummy bears have released Poppin' Cotton Candy, with the classic spun sugar mixed with different flavors of Pop Rocks. The commercial, which launched yesterday on YouTube, has already gone viral, and two flavors are already sold out.

"Poppin' Cotton Candy is currently available in: Blue Raspberry, Hawaiian Coconut, Strawberry, and Tropical Pina Colada," the website advertises, with strawberry, watermelon, and tropical punch Pop Rocks all mixed in between sugar. Not healthy, but kind of an amazing concept. Blue Raspberry and Hawaiian Coconut are already sold out, but 32 ounces of one flavor goes for $2.99. Or simply bring a pack of Pop Rocks along the next time you head to your county fair.


Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.