Pollution Deforms Crops on Chinese Farms

Aluminum factory pollution causes deformed crops, serious health problems for workers

Farmers in China say their crops have become deformed because a plant near their village is creating too much pollution.

A farming village called Taoyuan, in China’s Hunan Province, has reportedly been devastated by pollution from a nearby factory that has caused the crops to die or grow deformed.

According to Shanghaiist, a nearby aluminum factory has allegedly caused irreparable ecological damage to the area’s water, air, and soil. The factory reportedly opened in 2011, and in just that time the area’s farms have seen their produce turn tiny, discolored, and deformed. Oranges, for example, came out green, lumpy, and half the size they were supposed to be.

As disturbing as the misshapen crops are, the worst part about the pollution is the devastating effect it is reportedly having on people’s health. According to Shanghaiist, more than 10 people in the village have died of cancer since the factory started operating.

Many of Taoyuan’s residents have reportedly left to go to other cities since the factory started damaging the crops, but some farmers decided to stay where they were.


Taoyuan resident Liu Minghui said he stayed on his farm and is just trying to endure the pollution to the best of his ability because eh says it's difficult to find a large, inexpensive place for agriculture elsewhere. For now, at least, he says he's going to stay where he is and try to keep farming in spite of the negative effects the pollution is allegedly having on his crops and residents' health.