Police Called on Man Roasting Guinea Pig in Park

A man was roasting a guinea pig on a stick in Prospect Park
Wikimedia/Gerbil’s Daughter

Someone in Brooklyn called 911 to report a man cooking a guinea pig in the park.

Brooklyn’s Prospect Park has designated barbecue areas where people are allowed to grill food, but this weekend some Brooklynites were surprised to see a man grilling a small animal on a very big stick, and they actually called 911 to report the man for animal abuse.

According to DNA Info, police received an emergency call that someone in the park was mistreating a squirrel. When police arrived, they found a man roasting a small, squirrel-sized animal on a four-foot wooden skewer over one of the grills in the park. Hunting and eating the park squirrels is illegal. It was not, however, a case of animal cruelty, because the man said the animal on the skewer was just a guinea pig he was cooking for lunch.


The man told police he was from Ecuador. Guinea pigs are usually kept as pets in the United States, but they are often eaten in South America. Police left the man to his cooking.