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German Man Arrested for Poisoning Baby Food

The man tried to blackmail authorities and stores with poisoned baby food
baby food

A man attempted to blackmail authorities with jars of poisoned baby food.

A German man could face life in prison for putting poisoned jars of baby food on grocery store shelves as part of a disturbed blackmail scheme.

According to The Local, prosecutors say the 53-year-old man emailed authorities and stores earlier this month and said if he was not given 10 million euros, he would go into grocery stores and put poisoned food on the shelves. To prove he was serious, last week he told police that he’d put five cans of poisoned baby food on shelves in a store. He told police where the poisoned baby food was and said if they didn’t give him the money, he’d do it again and not tell them where it was.

Sure enough, the jars of baby food tested positive for ethylene glycol, a chemical found in anti-freeze and brake fluid.

Store security cameras had footage of the suspect, who wore a hat and sunglasses in the store. Still, it was enough for him to be identified. Police released the security camera footage, and tips from the public brought police to the suspect.

His DNA was reportedly found on the baby food cans, and he eventually confessed.

The man could face charges of extortion under threat of force, which would carry a sentence of between five and 15 years in prison. He could also be charged with attempted homicide, which carries a life sentence.

Police say they believe they found all the poisoned food and the suspect says he didn't poison anything besides the five jars they found. Still, police are urging everyone to be extra careful when making sure their food hadn’t been unsealed or tampered with.


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