Please Don't Call 911 for a Cheeseburger

An Indiana man decided he was so hungry, he needed to call the police for a cheeseburger

Let's just say that craving a cheeseburger is never a reason to call the police; real crimes are happening, bro.

Turns out, though, that a certain 52-year-old Indiana man, who was probably drunk, was so hungry on Friday that he had to call 911. According to the New Castle Police incident report, he called nine times in 90 minutes; that's about one call every 10 minutes.

Unfortunately for Gregory Jackson Sr., the police didn't send over a cheeseburger; instead, they sent an officer to check if he was starving, and to arrest him.


It wasn't even like Jackson Sr. was trying to order a cheeseburger and got the wrong number; police transcripts show the dispatcher asking "What do you need? Do you have an emergency?" with Jackson Sr. simply answering, "A cheeseburger." And while Jackson Sr. wasn't arrested for the nine cheeseburger phone calls, it turns out he was wanted on a warrant for failing to appear at a court hearing two days before the phone call incidents.