Planters Rolls Out Honey BBQ, Roasted Onion Flavors

It was fifty years ago that Planters introduced Americans to the dry-roasted peanut, and to celebrate they've launched two new flavors: Honey BBQ and Roasted Onion and Garlic.

 Back in 1963 the folks at the peanut company discovered a way to roast peanuts without oil, and the process hasn't changed much in the intervening years (the company itself goes back over a hundred years).

The Honey BBQ tastes similar to their Honey Roasted variety, albeit with less sweetness and a little more of a flavor more closely associated with a barbecue potato chip. The flavors all work very well together, and we can envision these served alongside any good Southern feast.

The Roasted Garlic and Onion peanuts take a little more getting used to. They smell strongly of garlic and onion powder (not unpleasant), and the flavor tastes like they've taken their regular peanuts and topped them with those dried spices. Those flavors die down quickly when eaten, and the aftertaste is purely of roasted peanut. Again, not unpleasant, but the flavors of peanuts, honey, and barbecue sauce go together a lot more than the flavors of peanuts, onion, and garlic.